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To provide easy access and dissemination, National Tsing Hua University collects and organizes its own scholar publications in a centralized management way. Through the International Standard OAI-PHM, our national academic environment can easily share academic researches with other universities in the world and promote the NTHU visibility and reputation.



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人文社會學院 - College of Humanities and Social Sciences [3311]
共同教育委員會 - Commission of General Education [100]
原子科學院 - College of Nuclear Science [7536]
圖書館 - Library [0]
孫觀漢-科技與人文之美 - kuan-han,Sun [1317]
工學院 - College of Engineering [19041]
數位校史館 - National Tsing Hua University Digital Archives [2]
日治時期臺灣書畫與文書史料數位典藏計畫 - Digital archiving of Taiwan′s calligraphy, painting and historical document, late 18th century-mid [295]
歷任校長 - Presidents [234]
理學院 - College of Science [12410]
生命科學院 - College of Life Sciences [4386]
研究中心 - Research & Development Office [5091]
科技管理學院 - College of Technology Management [2959]
葉榮鐘數位資料館 - Digital [6821]
電機資訊學院 - College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science [24317]


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